Chakra Tuning Forks – set of 7


The Cosmic Octave Chakra Forks – seven tuning forks with ball ends and mallet



The Cosmic Octave Chakra Forks

Available in aluminium or gold-tone finish and as either unweighted or weighted This set of forks are tuned to the Cosmic Octave devised by Hans Cousto a Swiss mathematician and musicologist. They are tuned to the following frequencies

1st Root/Muladhara (also Earth Day) 194.18 Hz
2nd Sacral/Svadhisthana (also Synodic Moon) 210.42 Hz
3rd Solar Plexus/Manipura (also Sun) 126.22 Hz
4th Heart/Anahata(also Earth Year)(also OM Fork) 136.10 Hz
5th Throat/Vishuddha (also Mercury) 141.27 Hz
6th Third Eye/Ajna (also Venus)) 221.23 Hz
7th Crown/Sahasrara(also Platonic Year) 172.06 Hz

Comes in standard velour pouch (soon to be replaced with felt) and include an insert giving information about the tuning fork frequency.

Also supplied with your order is a brief introduction to working with your tuning fork.

Additional information

Aluminium / Gold tone

Aluminium, Gold tone

Unweighted / Weighted

Unweighted, Weighted


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