528Hz Tuning Fork

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528Hz Tuning Fork with ball end and mallet



528Hz Tuning Fork with ball end and mallet

Available in aluminium or gold-tone finish and as either unweighted or weighted

The 528Hz frequency forms part of the Sacred Solfeggio Scale and is known as the “DNA Repair” tuning fork.

All Sacred Notes tuning forks come in a bespoke handmade felt pouch and include an insert giving information about the tuning fork frequency.

Also supplied with your order is a brief introduction to working with your tuning fork.

Additional information

Aluminium / Gold tone

Aluminium, Gold tone

Unweighted / Weighted

Unweighted, Weighted

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  1. Karen melhuish- squibb

    Excellent quality 528hz tuning fork sounds beautiful , very helpful service and speedy delivery , will be shopping here again

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