528Hz Chime Bar



528Hz chime bar with wooden double ended mallet

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528Hz chime bar

Comes in box with double ended wooden mallet – to produce different sound tones.

Use for wellbeing and healing.

A wonderful frequency to work with  for your general wellbeing,

The 528Hz frequency forms part of the Sacred Solfeggio Scale and is known as the “DNA Repair” tuning fork.

Our chime bars are made for us using a special aluminium alloy that consistently produces rich, long lasting sounds.

Suspended above a good quality wooden base they generate clear resonating tones. Chime bars are used for healing as they produce different vibrations and frequencies.

The sound vibrations emitted by these chime bars are rich in natural harmonics, which are said to be the healing component of music, they may trigger alertness, focus and concentration as well as deep relaxation.


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